The Scariest Part Of A Job Interview: Negotiating A Salary

Probably one of the most difficult things to do during the job application process is negotiating a salary during the job interview. It’s a sensitive issue which makes it challenging but it is especially difficult for fresh graduates who are starting their careers. It’s difficult to negotiate a salary even as an experienced employee, but negotiating your first salary can be difficult because it’s hard to come up with a number when you don’t have a basis for it yet since you don’t have any experience

You Should Negotiate
The truth is that you should negotiate. Studies have shown that even just a few extra thousands on your salary can add up to around one million in total earnings over the course of your entire career. This means that when you get your first offer, pluck up the courage to negotiate that amount. But of course, do it the proper way. Here are some tips for negotiating a salary.

Be Positive, Be Enthusiastic
Even if the offer is lower than what you expected, it is still an offer. The truth is, majority of the times, the offer will always be lower than what you expect. No matter what the number is, be grateful and thank your recruiter for the offer. Show your excitement for receiving an offer and then start to discuss the details of that offer.

Do Your Research
Don’t negotiate right away as soon as you get the call or email with the offer. Let them know that you will get back to them and then do your research. Research what the typical salary range is for your position and for someone with your experience. Research also the different benefits that you can negotiate. Don’t underestimate the benefits because sometimes those can end up being worth 50% of your salary. Think about the entire package, not just the gross amount that you see in the offer.

When negotiating, remember to be prompt. Even if you say you will get back to them, don’t take your time. Do this quickly. As soon as you’ve done your research, get back to them right away. But remember, be thoughtful about what you ask for. A typical yearly increase is between two to three percent of the salary, whereas promotions are around eight to 12 percent. This means if you negotiate for an increase that’s around eight percent, it’s like you’re asking for a promotion. You must be able to justify this amount.

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