How To Find A Job When You’ve Been Unemployed For A While

Questions like finding a job when you have been unemployed for a while is a common problem to medical practitioners. It is because most employers prefer medical practitioners to have continuity in their jobs. And in this case the medical practitioner should not have over 6 months of vacancy in their medical job records. So in such case, this rule is important because they believe for a medical practitioner to be effective, she must be up to date with her profession and must also have the knowledge of the latest procedures and skills related to her duties and responsibilities.

Employment Gap in the medical profession
In the case of other profession; employment gap can very well be explained if you have the right reason for that. That is why; if you have that employment gap you must be ready to explain your side. However, the only problem there is when employers immediately classify applicant with and without employment gaps as their first elimination stage. Meaning those with gaps is not immediately being considered for the position when there are others who have the continuity. But it cannot be denied that when you ended one job it will take some months for you to be able to find a new one. In case you go back into your studies or pursue doctorate courses, then employment gaps can happen.

Unemployment for a certain period is not a hindrance in landing a job
Finding a job even though you have been unemployed still hinge on work  experiences and the way you answer the interview and the result of your written test. Add to that your credentials such as your degree, certificates, awards, plaques and recognition. These will give you the best chance to be hired and it will end your time of being unemployed. Nail the interview by exuding confidence. Make your prospective employer believe in what you are selling (yourself) then, finding a job will happen with or without a gap.

Landing a job outside your home country
If you want to land on a job outside of your home country, it is best to send out your application in advance, remember it will take some time to process your application and once chosen you will be needing your visa and other requirements before you can finally say you will be on your way.

Final Thought
It is not easy to get a job at present when the demand is not that great, however, if you intend to get another job and have not left your original job, then wait until your next job is already a sure ball before filing your resignation.

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